Tekval Website: New Version 2001


--- Tekval Website: New Version 2001 --- (March 18, 2001)


The Tekval web team is happy to announce that the first phase of an overhaul of the corporate website has been successfully completed. Visitors to www.tekval.com or china.tekval.com will notice a full new face of home page, new products pages, new company info, certificates and news sections. We are working hard to ensure that the remaining portions of the site will be uploaded soon, anyway thank you for your patient to wait for other new pages, our new website will be renewed everyday or everyhour. Apart from the redesign, the web team is committed to keep the site as fresh as possible, to ensure that we continue to provide a useful service and fruitful volumes to our audiences. Visitors to the product page today will find several new product categories to catch up on. Also in the theme of making the site helpful to users, several new features are to be implemented over the coming weeks and months. Features being developed include a periodical e-mail newsletter; a human resources page to advertise job postings; more product information for customers; and start to TradeOnline. We appreciate your interest in Tekval, and hope you will return to follow our progress. Any feedback regarding the site is always welcome, and should be directed to webmaster@tekval.com. Information on changes to the website can be found on the homepage at www.tekval.com.