SW series
(SW4, SW5, SW7, SW9, SW12 )
Quarter-turn valve manual operator
SWX series
(SWX12, SWX15, SWX17, SWX20A, SWX20B)
Quarter-turn valve manual operator

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SW & SWX series quarter-turn valve manual operator are used to ball valves, butterfly valves and plug valves. It is driven by wormgears, it features small volume, high speed ratio and large output torque. The opening and closing position is shown on the jaw opening indicator. At the totally opening and closing positions, the positioning screws can be adjusted in the range of more or less 5 degree, that makes easier for valve assembly.

SZ / SZB series
( SZ0, SZ1, SZ2, SZ3 )
(SZB00, SZB0, SZB1, SZB2, SZB3, SZB4)
Multi-turn valve manual operator
HBC series (H1BC, H2BC, H3BC)
Quarter-turn valve manual operator

SZ/SZB series of multi-turn valve manual operator are used to gate valve, globe valves and etc. There are a pair of bevel gears for deceleration and reinforcement, which drive the valve-stem nut rotates, opening or closing the valve. The transmission efficiency is more than 90%. It is usually operated with handwheel, or makes up and electrical set drive the rotation of stem nut.
HBC series valve manual operator is a quarter-turn type one which is especially designed for operation of butterfly valves, ball valves and plug valves. It can be either mounted to the valve directly or combined with other electrical actuator to be used as a quarter-turn valve electric actuator.


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