1. Are all TEKVAL manufactured valves tested before they leave the factory?

__ YES. 100% both Hydraulic & Air tested.

2. Are Material Test Reports (MTR) available?

  __ YES. An MTR includes Pressure Test Report, Traceability Sheet and Mill Test Certificate is available
  on each ANSI rated Gate, Globe, Check, and Ball valves shipped to our customer.

3. Can I get a Mill Test Report for a commercial valve e.g. bronze and cast iron valves?

  __ Individual MTR's are not available for these products. We can offer a certificate of compliance.

4. Are torque or Cv values available?

  __ TEKVAL does not publish this data in our catalogs. This information can be obtained by calling our
  customer service department.

5. What is the country of origin of your valves?

  __ Now TEKVAL owns manufacturing facilities in People's Republic of China only. We have plan to
  expand our production facilities in North America and Europe in the future.

6. Can you provide Certificate of Origin?

  __ Yes, TEKVAL can provide Certificate of Origin in free of charge.

7. Does TEKVAL offer Motor Operated valves?

  __ TEKVAL may offer Motor Operated valves of Gate, Ball & Butterfly.

8. Does TEKVAL have any representatives overseas?

  __ TEKVAL has representatives in Asia, Middle East, Europe, South America and North America.
  Please contact TEKVAL for a specific country.

9. What is the wedge design of TEKVAL Gate valves?

  __ The standard wedge design for all TEKVAL ANSI rated SS gate valves is Flexible wedge throughout
  the size range,however, solid wedge is also available for small sizes 2" to 6" upon customer's

10. Does TEKVAL have a Locking Lever or Oval Handle for ball valves?

  __ There are several answers to this question depending on the type of ball valve for your needs.

  A. Flanged floating ball valves are supplied with a locking device that is independent of the operator.
  They are an integral part of the mechanical stopper.
  B. Small size ball valves SS and Carbon Standard Port are also provided with Locking Levers as
  C. Brass & Bronze ball valves can be provided with a locking lever (LL) or locking Oval Handle (OH-L)
  as an option.

11. Do TEKVAL 3-piece forged steel Ball valves meet NACE?

  __ Yes. All 3-piece forged steel A105N and 316SS ball valves comply with NACE MR01-75 as standard.
  The body bolting is B7M/2HM for C.S. body.

12. Do TEKVAL floating ball valves comply with NACE?

  __ YES. All flanged floating ball valves comply with NACE.

13. Does TEKVAL make a top-entry ball valve?

  __ NO. TEKVAL manufactures standard port ball valves in the end-entry design and full port in a split
  body design.

14. Do TEKVAL stainless steel valves meet NACE?

  __ YES. The standard 316 valves manufactured by TEKVAL will comply with the general requirements
  of NACE MR01-75.The bolting material is suitable for service conditions described for Class III

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