--- PETRONAS License No. L-534105-W --- (June 10, 2002)
  PETRONAS, Nasional Bhd, is Malaysia's national petroleum corporation wholly-owned
  by Malaysian Government ......

--- C.R.N. No.: 0C7744.5 --- (April 15, 2002)
  Tekval has obtained the C.R.N. number 0C7744.5 registered by J. Leider dated March
  18, 2002 from Technical Standards and Safety Authority ......

--- License No. Q1- 0008 for authorization to use API Spec Q1 --- (September 4, 2001)
  API Spec Q1, Specification for Quality Programs for the Petroleum and Natural Gas
  Industry, is the oil and gas industry's quality management standard.

--- TEKVAL Website: New Version 2001 --- (March 18, 2001)
  The TEKVAL web team is happy to announce that the first phase of an overhaul of the
  corporate websitehas been successfully completed.

--- API Registration No. 0218 for ISO 9001:1994(E) --- (March 05, 2001)
  The Manager of APIQR Operations Mr. Chip Evans is pleased to announce us that API has
  completed the review of TEKVAL quality system and found it complies with the requirements
  of both APIQR's Registration Program and ISO9001:1994(E).
--- License No. 6D-0391 for authorization to use API monogram --- (March 05, 2001)
  The American Petroleum Institute grants TEKVAL FLOW CONTROL (SUZHOU) CO., LTD. the right
  to use the Official Monogram API on the manufactured products...

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