Tekval Flow Control (abbreviated as "TEKVAL") is an Asia-based leading manufacturer and exporter in China , bringing with high quality valves and fluid controls to the process industries all over the world. With technically advanced products from group-owned manufacturing operations in Aisa,TEKVAL has been supplying varities of valve products to the oil production and refining, chemical and petrochemical, pharmaceutical, food and beverage, gas, water and allied industries on global basis.

TEKVAL is a dynamic organization with well established long-term objectives to manufacture quality products, to maintain a position of technological leadership and to continually improve the efficiency of its operation. The integrity of Tekval's product line is maintained by the experienced staff of engineers , metallurgists, chemists and technicians who work continuously to supply valve products according to ANSI, API, BS, DIN, JIS and other international standards. With this combination of products, technical know-how and field experience, it will allow TEKVAL to keep up with the very demanding market places which we supply and this will thus guarantee TEKVAL's competition in international market in the 21st century.

The Management of TEKVAL are firmly committed to technological development to meeting the needs of our customers wherever they may be. Equipped with advanced manufacturing facilities, total quality management program and R&D engineering team,TEKVAL strongly commits to maintain and improve the quality of both product performance and customer service which is inherent within our management policy. Our factories have obtained API 6D Monogram Certificate, API 600 Monogram Certificate, API Spec Q1 Registration Certificate and ISO 9001 Quality System Certificate, it has proved Tekval products are meeting international specifications and requirements.

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